Z Through by The Zign

Naklua 12 Soi 8, Pattaya, Pattaya
Tel: 038225862
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Z Through by The Zign Hotel is a new destination and a honeymoon place. It is designed through propagates in the L.O.V.E's concepts and exposes guest personalities comparatively to their lifestyles and relationships. Visitors can unwind from their hectic routines at this getaway residence wit a cozy atmosphere, a private pool and panoramic waterways horizontally to the skyline. Guestrooms are designed into four stylish themes, such as Focusing on simplicity, Exquisitely decorated to the extreme of maximalist, For lovers' passion and through the inspiration of bubbles and air balls. Dinners are offered at Spazio's Mellow Mood, the restaurant has an open kitchen where pizzas are being baked just next to your table. Guests can enjoy one of the finest Italian cuisines in town. The eatery boasts up to 92 seats.

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