Tsix5 Quarter

Naklua Soi 12, Pattaya, Pattaya
Tel: 038225800, 038225846
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Tsix5 Quarter Hotel’s concept and unique design was developed from the 365 therapy about date and time. Artiest design, representing the day-month-year, is where the history of the hotel comes from. When you enter the hotel lobby, you can see the wood carving numbers which is part of the concept and design this 365 hotel. Guestrooms come with full facilities and are equipped with private balconies from where guests can view the magnificent scenery Pattaya’s coast. The lobby lounge serves cocktails, mocktails and more. The on site restaurant, Sat 5 Restaurant, servers fantastic meals, offering an extensive Thai and European cuisine with own signature.

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Concept was developed with a unique design. The storyboard comes from the 365 theory about date and time. For current global principles and festivals through the day month year, we come up with 365.25 time and experimental schedule in the past we called "Lunar day", lunar time over which the orbit of the moon around the earth turning towards the light to the world.

As you enter the hotel lobby you can see the wood carving numbers which is the concept design of 365 hotel. Artistic design of the door represents the day month year where the history of the 365.25 hotel came from. And you can see unique lighting and relaxing ambiance.

36 Waning Rooms (size: 35 sq.m.)
Waning room concept is like a concept moon where small light is present that makes the atmosphere of the room relaxing. Rooms are designed with variations of bricks, wooden jig head board with arc gothic shape, and a dark tone of lighting. And the background is highlighted with dark shadowed wall that made of ceramics, with light reaction effect. And you will also notice the mathematical formula written on the wall to calculate the day month year.

36 Waxing Rooms (size: 35 sq.m.)
Waxing room concept is like a gibbous moon where the moderate amount of light is present. The atmosphere of the room has a luxurious style of lighting, with sweet tone grey color with black and bright green, and black and white bar lines on the wall represents the dark and light shades of the moon.

18 Phase Rooms (size: 35 sq.m.)
Phase is located on the top floor of the building which is the 7th  floor of the hotel. "Phase" is decorated with various colors such as yellow, brown and black. And natural wood sliver materials are used to decorate the walls that represent the bright side phase of the moon and shadow of it with artistic shapes.

Corner Suite
5 Vam Rooms (size: 98 sq.m.)
Vam suite is opposite to the wolf room which is more elegant. Vam suite room used variations of colors such as red that represents the color of the vampire, black and light grey. Some wooden designs and composed of modern antiques. The floor is made of marble that is made of wooden like texture design and unique lighting that is relaxing.

5 Wolf Rooms (size: 98 sq.m.)
Wolf suite is decorated with wooden texture walls and floors using dazzling timber style and some wooden furniture. Floor is made of ceramic wood texture with grey color. As you walk bear footed you will feel the roughness of the floor that represents the moon' surface. And have a unique and soothing lighting design that is relaxing.

Royal Suite
5 Vam Plus Rooms (size: 126 sq.m.)

5 Wolf Plus Rooms (size: 126 sq.m.)

Sat 5
Savour a fantastic meal in our on sight restaurant. The Sat 5 restaurant offers an extensive Thai and European cuisine. Our signature restaurant provides and inviting Mexican style ambience and innovative cuisine. The restaurant is decorated with various colors like highlighted gray, black, yellow and gold and some various shapes for a more intimate dining experience.
Breakfast : 06.00 am. - 10.00 am.
A la carte : 11.00 am. - 12.00 am. (midnight)

Lobby Lounge
Hotel lobby lounge area serves cocktails, mocktails, bubbles and snacks in a healthy means As you enter the lounge, in one section you will see the elevated rectangular wood with large hole on the ceiling represents the shape of the moon and the sun, and the wall covered with articial grass which represents the nature. And its floor is composed of wooden decor with light and dark cover texture.
Lobby Lounge open: 11.00 am. - 12.00 am.(midnight)

A Co Bistro wine bar
A-co bistro wine bar is decorated with vivid colors like black, gold, and pink, where the surrounding is clean and bright. During day time the a co bistro wine bar cater for food and drink. And during night time it will shift to a pub wine, with live band and a professional DJ every night. There is one section of the bar that you can the chicken area where you see how the chefs cook in style, Ideal for relaxation and meeting friends.

Open daily :
Sunday - Thursday : 11.00 am. - 12.00 am. (midnight)
Friday - Saturday : 11.00 am. - 01.00 am.

Ram 8 Meeting Room (size: 173.3 sq.m.)
Ram 8 is the last quarter of the moon, and so we used the shape of number eight as a decoration and uses variations of colors like grey and black which represents the dark and clear part of the moon. Whether you are looking to plan a business conference or special event, ram 8 provide an inviting ambiance that will inspire conversations and ideas with the help of our services team to make your event run smoothly.
Capacity : 100 guests
15_11 Banquet Room
15_11 a medium sized banquet room . The concept design of this room is about the 15th of November where the biggest full moon appears in a year. We used variation of colors yellow, black, grey and assorted circle lights hanging from the ceiling. This room is a good for seminars, special events, big parties and any other special occasions.
Capacity : 250 guests