Pastell Oldtown Chiang Mai

City Center, Samlarn Road, Chiang Mai
Tel: 0909709208, 053272989
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The hotel’s name ‘Pastell’ is literally set to ‘tell’ the ‘past’ of northern Lanna lifestyle and culture through its fine architecture and decoration, while its soothing ‘pastel’ themed color would bring you a relaxing atmosphere. The moment you entering to the lobby, you can easily touch with the charms of Lanna heritages, featuring woven fabric and brass ornaments that perfectly blended with its modern boutique style of decoration. The renowned finely crafted brass ornaments locally called ‘Kua Tong’ which is one of Lanna signature handicrafts created by ‘Puak Taem’ craftsmen – the local residents of Chiang Mai old town – are considerably rare items this day. A chunky wooden chopping board locally called ‘Khiang’ which is used for ‘Kua Tong’ brass embossment is also presented as table top in the hotel’s lobby.

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