Bailan Hut

Koh Chang, Bai Lan Bay, Koh Chang
Tel: 0810019895
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Bailan Hut, located on Koh Chang, offers seaside bungalows in an unpolluted place for tourists who are looking to refresh themselves at a good environmental and modern style residence. The accommodation is decorated in natural styles and has services for its guests such as wireless internet, water heater, slippers, emergency lantern and more. Bailan Hut on Koh Chang is also a recommended place for businessmen who seek relaxation, because this place has many facilities at your service such as computer, fax machine, color printer etc. Guests can also enjoy various entertainments like live acoustic music, tasty seafood and cocktail bar. Bailan Hut can assure you relaxation without any duties, it is a place to free your mind and sparkle up your life with tropical styles. If you want to avoid the noisy urban life, this is a recommendation for you.

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