Mai Pen Rai Bungalows

Than Sadet Beach, Koh Phangan
Tel: 0818945076, 0878864181
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Mai Pen Rai Bungalows is provided bungalows on the rocks still maintain the natural, rustic feel of Than Sadet, and incorporate many of the huge boulders into the design of the bungalows, giving a totally unique, original feel to these spacious rooms. The layouts of the bathrooms have a rustic but modern and clean design, using slates, stones and pebbles for the flooring and the walls. The rooms have been designed with the traveling spirit in mind for rustic comfort, space and relaxation. Mai Pen Rai is situated in a tropical paradise, fringed with swaying palms and green turquoise waters. 'Mai Pen Rai' which means 'no problem' is as the name implies - the restaurant is easy going with funky and artistic decoration, the ambiance is chilled out and unpretentious.

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