Pailyn Sukhothai Hotel

Sukhothai, Sukhothai
Tel: 055613310
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The Pailyn Sukhothai a first class luxury hotel is located 4 kms. from the National Historical Park, and 8 kms. from the town center. Pailyn Hotel a building of fine architecture gives a stunning view of the Khaoluang Mountain. Pailyn is a place where you can touch nature. Sukhothai is located on the lower edge of the northern region, 427 km.north of Bangkok or some 298 km.south of Chiangmai. Sukhothai was the first kingdom of the Thais in this peninsula. Attrative pleaces to visit e.g Sukhothai Historical Park, Sangkhalok Museum, Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Celadon Kiln Site Study and conservation and etc.

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