Bhumiyama Beach Resort

Koh Chang, Lonely Beach, Koh Chang
Tel: 039558068, 018604623
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Bhumiyama beach resort is a combined word: Bhumi ( poom ) means land or place, yama is a realm of heavens in Buddhism where deities and beings who have expert (done) noble deeds come to dwell in opulent peace and tranquility. Ours beach resort in tropical garden surroundings with 46 rooms fitted with air condition and all facilities in the room plus safety box all amenities. Nevertheless more than 80 present of the land is the Park Forest reserve, that’s the main reason why we are chosen as our home, to build a tropical resort, in an uncluttered traditional Thai style with all modern facilities & services. A large amount of our guests relax in a natural and surroundings with tropical forest to the rear, white sand and Turquoise Ocean to the front. Our beach is called " Tha Nam" beach or the more well-known name will be " Lonely Beach" make famous by travelers who commented in Lonely Planet as to be the best and most beautiful on Koh Chang.

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