Pung-Waan Resort & Spa (Kwai Yai)

City, Kwai Yai, Kanchanaburi
Tel: 034624991
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Phng Waan Resort & Spa Kanchanaburi only 150 km. from Bangkok, resort of happy amidst nature and conveniently set on the bank of the Kwai Yai River, only 2 km. from the famous Bridge of the River Kwai. Pung-Waan Kwai Yai Resort area. Surrounded by nature. With that kind of lush trees and scenery of the River Kwai. In the service room and other facilities, but also with outstanding service spa. And massage therapy programs for employees, health and beauty expert and product standards. In addition above we also have a cruise on the hotel's services. For customers who want to experience the river Kwai charms unique evening of outstanding Kanchanaburi. Invite you to stay with us, you will have a good time with us.

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